LION - Ban Sweat Block Stick Premium Gold Label Unscented 20g

Brand from Japan: LION. Premium stick with deodorant ingredient that does not bother you until midsummer. 3D sweat block technology that approaches the source of odor and the stratum corneum to suppress odor from the source. Nano-ion antiperspirant component ACH (Chlorhydroxyaluminum) covers the sweat outlet to firmly suppress the armpit sweat that causes sweat stains and odors. Waterproof, by prescription, it is resistant to stuffiness and does not easily fall off until night. You can easily remove it with soap. Benzalkonium chloride, a nano-ion bactericidal component, sterilizes odorous bacteria and prevents armpit odors all day long. Contains zinc oxide, a nano-ion deodorant component. Stick type that does not leave white or smooth after application. Unscented. How to use: Remove the cap, turn the bottom of the stick to put out about 1 cm. And apply an appropriate amount evenly to dry and clean skin. Be careful as the stick may break if you pull it out too much. Tighten the cap after use.

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